Christmas Card parade~

So, Christmas had passed and i can finally publish my Christmas cards cos they are all delivered to my beloved friends.(i have to make sure to give them a surprise of my lovely christmas cards XD) I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and had the best time with your friends and family!
Here are the christmas cards I made for my friends and relatives and I wanna share with you.

Inspired my the Christmas carol - Christmas is a time to love which I shared I the last post. the snowy top is actually tacky glue and sprinkled with silver and blue sparkles. I used my silver color ball pen to add a few sketch on the letters and I think that give a little bit of the snowy feeling. <3
P.S. I made another one with the same design but I used purple sparkles and purple paint which I think it also looks cool. But it doesn't have a Christmas feeling as the blue one does.

Papercut snowflakes - silver version =D

Papercut snowflakes - blue version =)

I made this with my little brother. I torn a stripe of golden paper and glue a line of red sparkles beside it. My brother drew the Christmas tree which I think it looks really cool though it is simple. But I always this that simplicity is beautiful and is the best!!

Vanessa <3

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