i love paper cut

the first time i do paper cutting when i was in kindergarten. that was also the first time i used scissors. i sort of have a feeling that i am born with scissors XDXD. haha, i am not joking, i really love playing with scissors. here are what i did with scissors and cutter.

i learnt these from a book.

i am sorry that is a chinese book. i brought this in Tai Wan. the book contains samples and a CD-ROM with cutting template in it. you can simply print the template out and put it on to papers and cut. i suppose everyone can do such beautiful paper cut. 


i made this for my cousin's wedding present

my cousin back in hong kong is getting marry in a month time. and i made this lovely little jewelry box for her. it is made out of milk carton with nice and good fabric wrapping around. have a look! =]

 this is how it looks inside. i love the cushion that for rings and earrings. but it is rather small so it can only accommodate 2 rings....='[
 the box is as big(small) as my ipod. so i said it is small.
i stitch the sides by ribbon. and i sort of embroidered the flowers with thinner ribbons.

Can you guess what flower is that? Put your answer in the comment box below! =]


slacking off

caught a cold yesterday
the running nose made me can't breath well
i took some medicine
i slept

caught nothing today
the warm bed made me can't wake up
i told mum i wasn't feeling well
i ditched


about cameras

i've been thinking to buy a new camera.
here are some options that i am looking at:
1. Canon PowerShot G12 ($549)

2. Panasonic DMC- LX5 ($499)

(i prefer the white one =] )

3. Olympus E-PL1 ($499.99)

(prefering white again~ haha)

Tick Tok

Tick tok,
Grandfather's watch clicks
It clicks on my hand
I stare at Grandfather

Tick tok,
Grandfather's watch clicks
It clicks in my memory
Grandfather asks me,
"Do you know why the watch clicks?"
I shake my head
Grandfather smiles, and says
"My heart pulse made it"

Tick tok,
Grandfather's watch clicks
It clicks on a bed in a hospital
Grandfather never stares back

Tick tok,
Water from my eyes drops
It drops on Grandfather's watch
I smile, and say
"But now, you made it stop."


a simple love song

a simple love song.
is something without words
but something you knew it deep down.