Spring Break - Colorado Springs

It has been almost a month after the spring break. I finally get my butt out the couch and post the trip. haha!

I departed from Toronto and went to Dallas to transfer to Colorado springs. Something interesting about the flight from Dallas to Colorado springs was there were some soldiers on the plane. I never saw a real soldier before then. They all sitting in the first class. They are really tall and they look muscular from their body figure (sound so sexy, but somehow, they are XP). And then we arrived at Colorado springs and uncle Richard picked us up. We went to a very good Italian restaurant. The best food of this restaurant was the appetizer. It was spinach with italian herbs and cheese. Omg it was really really tasty!!!! And the bread with italian herbs and olive oil. I think that source might have some garlic and vinegar. The source and the bread match extremely well!! Should buy some italian herbs when back to Toronto. I love it so much!!!!

(i hate myself so much that i forgot to take out my camera!!!)

 Departed from Toronto.

View from the plane. Thanks for my brother for the nice picture =] Credit to Jacob.

The next day, we went to the garden of the gods. 

 The Garden of the Gods. (i was in a car so the picture is not very good.)

 This is me. =]

 The balanced rock. This is my mum and my brother trying to lift up the rock. Ha ha!

 My brother again.~ Don't know what's under the rock?

After that, we went to another very good  Italian sandwich restaurant. I had half of an italian sausage sandwich and another half of a ham and salami and lettuce sandwich with Italian  vinegar. I think that sandwich was called something like "italian hero" (I'm not sure, xp). I also taste a little of the beef sandwich. (the one in the middle) There was mustard in the sandwich which I think it taste bad but my mum thinks they go perfectly fine. (ok, whatever.)

 See our wonderful and delicious Italian sandwich lunch!

We then visited Patrick Chan-the Canadian figure skater. He was the world champion recently. He used to live in uncle  Richard's house a couple years ago. They were neighbours when they were still in Ottawa, Canada.

 After that we went to a frozen yogurt shop. What a nice afternoon~

See our lovely and tasty and colourful fro-yo! Jacob can't wait for the first sip! =D

I love the spoons so much! They are so colourful and made me so happy =D!

At night, we had barbecue at home and then went in to the spa. The spa was a big hot tube and it was very relaxing. After that we were off to the Frisco Mountains.

My uncle has a condo in the Frisco Mountains. He always comes here to ski. So he bought the condo 10 years ago. And we stayed there for the rest of our journey.

 View from the balcony of the condo.

We went skiing for the following two days. It was very very very super super tiring. We rented our ski in a ski rental shop. The rental guy came out and greet us. He asked us where we came from and we told him we are from toronto and he said :"no way!!! Me too~" he asked  us where in toronto we from and we told him. He said :"no way, we are so close!!..... Ok, I will give you guys 20%  off "On the first day we went to the Frisco mountain where the ski rental guy recommended us to go ;which is a new mountain that just opened recently. It has a beginner slope and it is pretty cheap so we were so happy and thanks the ski rental guy. We skied for couple hours, then we went to the silverthorne outlet and shopped for a while. I got two t-shirts. But my parents were very happy that the shops and everything there were just right for them (middle age goods, ahhhhh~) my mum got five coach handbags and purses for her friends but eventually zero for herself == dad got few t shirts and polo shirts. They both got a pair of boots.  At night, we went to the main street and had crepes. Uncle Richard had a sugar and butter and maple syrup, mum had a sugar and butter and banana and cinnamon, Jacob had sugar and butter and banana, dad had hot chocolate which he thinks that taste really good but I think it is just an ordinary hot chocolate and last but not least, I had a strawberry crepe. I should have bought the sugar and butter and strawberry, anyway, the strawberry still went very good with itself. I realized I forgot my camera when I saw the tradition crepe shop. Anyway, I forgot the camera very soon cos the crepes was really delicious. I wish I brought my camera with me!!!!!

The next day we went skiing again. But this time, we are going to the real mountain - the Keystone!! Well, it was fun but honestly, I fell so many times that I couldn't remember how many times exactly. 

Mum and Dad went sight seeing while we were at the mountain. Here's were they went. It is somewhere near where we had our delicious crepes.

 (noticing something: there is a woman in pink shirt in the above two photos. It was totally shot by accident. How lucky! Ha!)

Here comes our last day, and we planned to go to the Red Rocks Park. Before going to the park, we had lunch first. We went to a barbecue restaurant - Q4U. It has some really good deals and they all taste very good!! They have their special homemade barbecue sauce that make the meat taste very good. If you had ever eat ribs in so random restaurants, you will know that, many restaurants made their ribs very dry and sometimes even over cooks like it is like a coal and it's like rock hard and sometimes even taste bitter. What makes these guys (the rib below) so good, it's that, they rib is actually very juicy inside and it is not like rock hard. Plus the homemade barbecue sauce, PERFECT!~  So here's what we had.


 Turkey leg

 Meat scrap sandwich (you have all the meat that the restaurant has the day in your sandwich. Get one of these if you can't make up your mind ;] This is what I chose =D)

This is where you order and pick up your food.

We were all very full and ready to go to the Red Rocks Park.

 Strange rock.

 Strange rock, again.

 The Red Rocks Park held concerts in the amphitheatre. Many famous band like Beatles performed here.

There's a small gallery up at the back of the the amphitheatre. There's some exhibitions of the bands that performed in the amphitheatre and some history and geography information about the Red Rocks Park.

Strange rock, from the view at my height. (I am 153 cm. I know I am short, but it's okay! Ha ha!)

Our journey to Colorado Spring had come to an end now. It is certainly a place worth going. The weather is spectacular and the water is really fresh and I think it is actually tasty! Anyway, I wish you will have a chance to visit Colorado Spring. 

PS. Before we left the mountain and off the the airport, Jacob asked : " can we come here again next year?"
      Well... haha, we'll see XD