Oh hi, Santa Claus!

Santa Claus is the most beautiful lie in the world. I used to believe in him. but I start to question few years ago.

Credit to Pea~ <3 thanks for the pretty picture!

Mum used to tell me Santa will come on 25th of December and he will only deliver presents to good children. He comes with reindeer and a sleigh and wears red suit, black boots and carries a big red bag which fills with presents. i believed her back then. I longed for Santa's present. And i did receive Santa's present every Christmas. Even last year. I got a snow flacks shape earrings which I saw in a small boutique in our neighborhood. I was really surprised. I told my mum that I saw that pair of earrings in that boutique and pretended that I was really surprised and happy.

I remember there was a Christmas Movie called "The Polar Express" on the theater few years ago. This movie is about the group of children went onto a train to the North Pole to find Santa Claus. There was a boy who doesn't believe in Santa but he starts to believe through the journey.At the end of the story, Santa gave a jingle bell to the boy for his Christmas present. There is a magic in the bell: only the people who believe in Santa can hear the bell jingles. I think this movie is so sweet and it is really a great movie for the holiday and it is so suitable to watch it with your 10-year-old-under brothers and sisters. They will love it. And so do I. I really love the story, first of all because I really love the holiday atmosphere, secondly, I am really into fairy tales and fantasy stories. ( I know I am still a kid! XP)

Sometimes I try to compare Santa to God. I think they are similar. Just that Santa is a character but I do believe that God exists. (opps a little bit off topic) I know I am greedy, I pretended to be happy when I got the present from "Santa". You are not suppose to get the present from Santa if you don't believe in him XDD. What I am thinking is that, if Santa is the symbol of love and he himself is lovingly, will he give his present no matter who you are and what you did? This sounds a little bit like Jesus. I really wanna tell my mum that I don't believe in Santa anymore, so please don't prepare a Santa's present for me. But I am afraid that it will affect the faith of my brother in Santa. So I decide to stay silence and see if I can still get an extra present this year.

I know I spoiled a little bit of the holiday atmosphere ...but anyway, Merry Christmas!


  1. santa exists whenever you receive your presents or not, maybe he's just too tired and need to rake a rest xp

  2. you know what? i still received a present from "santa" this Christmas. i wonder why...XP