handmade earrings

Hand-made earrings from left over scrap paper stripe
these left over scrap papers are left over from a birthday card i made for ma dad. i didn't what i can do with them so i cut them in to stripes and then swirl them in to swirls (agh, that sounds so weird :s) they are 100% paper and extremely light.
i worn them yesterday, and they stay perfectly fine - they weren't torn or folded or anything. but i don't know how durable can they be. i'll try experiment them more.

3. 1. 2013


2. 1. 2013

good morning :)


Hey there! WE SURVIVED FROM 2012. 12.21!!! wooohooo!! (i know, that was long ago)


so, 2013,,, i don't particularly have any new year resolution. people usually don't do what they said in their new year resolution, so i'm not gonna make one! (cos im an extremely ordinary person and i do what everybody does! wakakaka) Even though im not making anything so-called a "new year resolution", there are still a couple of things i wanna do this year. i won't force myself to do it, but, you know, it will be really awesome if i can keep up.

they first thing is GOING TO BED EARLIER... this is actually last year's resolution and... it didn't work... so ya, i hope i can keep it up!

second thing,,, exercise more... i guess... im an extremely lazy person (i honestly don't think that i can do this, but ya, just saying... this would be healthy)

And here's the thing i really really really wanna do -- 365 photo project. wish me good luck everybody! :D

1. 1. 2013
i used manual focus (first attempt!!!) it looks kinda blurry... idk if its my computer or my skills, but im getting it! i know the only way to take good picture is to take bad picture and learn from it. PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT!